Thursday, 6 July 2017

25 Weeks Pregnant

You are 25 weeks pregnant and your tummy is officially the size of a soccer ball. Congratulations you have entered the last phase of the second trimester of your long, beautiful (also painful) phase of this life changing experience. With all the beautiful and emotional reflexes of your child kicking and tumbling inside of you there are also a great many things thats changing and which will cause you pains. Your baby is going to start changing...getting a pink skin due to all the nerves developing, to the nostrils opening and learning to breathe (currently breating the amniotic fluid but is practice that counts).The baby is going to learn to reflex so dont go doing sudden jerky movements you can scare your baby.
So lets get down to some do's and dont's which will help you be prepared before people start with all the ridiculously contradictory advise.
So with all the unlimited advises that you will get from the highly experienced ones no one will tell you that your baby is soon going to be a major pain in your backside!!!Literally...With the uterus stretched to the maximum it presses right down at your rectum which will cause reddening and swollen hemorrhoids. Try and avoid eating foods that cause constipation try to consume as much fluid as possible and also include the maximum fibres foods in your diet.Refer to the link:
25 weeks pregnant

That habit of brushing before going to bed,if you gave it a go all these years its time you put it into practice immediately.At 25 weeks into your pregnancy you need to start maintaining higher level of dental hygiene because this is the period when Gingivitis may set in(Gingivitis- an oral condition when your gums get inflamed,red and bleed).This if left untreated can lead to issues like premature birthing.
Keep those antacids handy.At this time you are expected to have sudden heartburns which literally make you feel like your insides are on fire.As the old aunt's state its your baby having a good hair growth that gives you heart burns NO LADY its the large amounts of hormones circulating in your system which causes the muscles to relax thus letting the acids splash back into the esophagus which is causing the heartburn.
Time to recheck on your blood sugar and keep those cravings in check. Your doctor will ask you to get your sugar rechecked because it is at this stage that if the sugar is not controlled it can cause gestational diabetes which is an absolute NO-NO. So get the tests done and analysed as soon as the doctor suggests.
You re gonna snore like a man.Dont be ashamed its all the pressure on the organs which causes all the increased blood flow to the mucous membranes and in turn leads to the snoring.Make sure you consult your practitioner  if its disturbing your sleep it may be Sleep Apnea which can be depriving you and the baby of oxygen.
Its time you start thinking of names your baby can now hear voices and also react so you don’t want to go around addressing her as baby.